Also available for Glyphs!

Also available for FontLab!

Font Remix Tools

Hannes von Döhren of HvD Fonts – set in Brix Sans, designed with RMX
José Scaglione of Type Together – set in Adelle Sans, designed with RMX
Dino dos Santos of DSType – set in Glosa, designed with RMX
Jos Buivenga of exljbris – set in Questa Grande, designed with RMX
Jeremy Tankard – set in Pembroke, designed with RMX
John Hudson of Tiro Typeworks – set in Brill, designed with RMX

The Font Remix Tools are a set of plug-ins for FontLab and Glyphs.
They allow to harmonize glyph shapes, tune the width, automatically generate small caps, generate superior figures and many more.

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