Also available for Glyphs!

Also available for FontLab!

Font Remix Tools


RMX Harmonizer

The Harmonizer helps design nice, visually consistent curves while it retains the shape as far as possible.

RMX Tuner

Use this tool in the Glyph Window to quickly adjust the current glyph.

RMX Scaler Easy

Run this tool in the Font Window to scale the selected glyphs. Used in the Glyph Window, the Scaler allows to precisely adjust all masters of the current glyph. (Note: In the latest version, the “keep stroke” field has been replaced with “stem weight”, which allows direct control over the weight in absolute units. See the PDF manual for details.)

RMX Scaler

The Scaler has the same functionality as the Scaler Easy, plus further features.

RMX Monospacer

After selecting a number of glyphs in the Font Window, use this tool to create a monospaced version. It is recommended particularly for automatic generation of tabular figures and symbols.

RMX Slanter

This tool slants glyphs while keeping vertical tangents upright.

RMX Add width axis

This macro adds a width axis to an MM font that has a weight axis.

RMX Multi Updater

This tools applies several previously saved sets at once.