Font Remix Tools 1.6

The Font Remix Tools are a set of plug-ins for FontLab Studio.

They allow to:

The Remix Tools are compatible with both Mac OS and Windows.

What some of the users say:

“The Font Remix Tools are an essential toolkit for anyone who wants to develop sophisticated typefaces with much greater efficiency. I can't imagine willingly working without them. Type designers owe it to themselves and their sanity to check out RMX Tools. more...

Thomas Phinney, Senior Fonts Product Manager at Extensis, designer of Hypatia Sans Pro for Adobe.

“Really great tools and absolutely indispensable to me. I’ve used the Harmonizer (on a few difficult curves) on almost every font.”

Jos Buivenga of exljbris, who designed Calluna and Museo Sans with the help of RMX.

“The RMX tools are essential to my workflow for large and small families. I started using them while making grades for newsprint but soon started using them for everything.”

Eric Olson of Process Type Foundry, who designed Sunday, the typeface for the New York Times Sunday Magazine, with the help of RMX.

“RMX is awesome!”

Dan Reynolds, who designed Linotype Malabar with the help of RMX.

“I use the RMX tools almost every day. They get me closer to my final design in less time, and that's worth a lot to me, especially on big projects with tight deadlines.”

John Hudson of Tiro Typeworks, who designed the Brill types with the help of RMX.

“Just did days of work in only a few hours thanks to the Font Remix Tools. These tools are worth every penny. They simplify complex tasks, save loads of time, and do their job better than any other tools out there.”

Rob Keller of Mota Italic, who designed Vesper with the help of RMX.

“RMX Tools is another example of a tool that is developed for a very specific purpose which greatly enhances the functionality of FontLab Studio. It's these kinds of tools that make you spend less time on production so it can be invested back again on designing.”

Paul van der Laan of Type Invaders.

“I use the Remix Tools on a daily basis. They allowed me to design several instances of my typefaces but also specific weights of Glosa, for the recent redesign of Le Figaro.”

Dino dos Santos of DSType.

“The versatility and robustness of the RMX tools are unique. These tools have become an important part of our production workflow and they allowed us to automate many of the time-consuming processes.”

José Scaglione, co-founder of TypeTogether, where RMX was used in the production of Bree, Adelle, Karmina Sans and Ronnia.